Me Mahi Tahi Tātou – Working Together

me mahi snip for webThis workbook was written after two Auckland CLD initiatives partnered with Inspiring Communities to trial a Leaderful Communities Workshop process. Called Me Mahi Tahi Tātou – Working Together, it explored community leadership as well as how to build collaborative leadership skills and capacity.

A number of insights were identified over the four sessions which have formed the workbook  Me Mahi Tahi Tātou:

  • It is important to be invited to a workshop by someone who is known and trustedme tahi web 3
  • Diverse backgrounds and experiences brought diverse expectations
  • Common aspirations include learning new skills, gaining a better understanding about leadership and meeting others from their communities in similar situations.
  • Using lots of local examples helps make it real for people

Inspiring Communities Publication, Learning by Doing has a chapter dedicated to Leading in and leaderful communiites

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