Part 4 – Conclusion

Why this matters:

So why does this Leadership as Learning concept matter? What does it make possible? As CLD practitioners we need to be intentional in our practice about growing the leadership of the many, not just the few. Under pressure to demonstrate outcomes, it is too easy to focus on getting quick results without investing in the participation, processes and practices that strengthen long term community capacity to lead around shared local visions and goals.

For further resources related to this research, see:

Inspiring Communities’ Learning by Doing (2013) publication, especially chapter 4

Resilient Leadership amidst Complexity (ANZTSR conference presentation 2014)

Collaborative inquiry around the messiness and complexity of our everyday practice helps role model leadership development in our everyday practice. No one person has the answers – we find the answers together through inquiry and working together. We grow confidence and shared wisdom for the times when we each need to lead out front – or to step back. We construct an environment with the key conditions for walking alongside each other. Everyone’s leadership is actively fostered – through peer learning, exposure to new ideas, and stepping out into practice opportunities that take us all outside our comfort zones.

This resource is offered as one avenue for individual and collective reflective practice that supports local CLD leadership development. We welcome your comments and feedback on how you find this resource and how we can keep making it even more useful.

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