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Rakiura – Stewart Island

From 2010-12, Rakiura was one of 9 locally-led initiatives that were part of the Inspiring Communities “Core Learning Cluster” Research Project.   The aim of the research was to better understand how community-led approaches can contribute to thriving and resilient communities.

Locally-led change and Rakiura

The Island’s one main township of Halfmoon Bay has a population of 400 people. With 68 community groups and trusts on the Island, many committed local people work hard to make the Island an even better place to live, visit and enjoy. During this phase, a group of local residents focused their efforts on consciously connecting people rather than creating new projects. They also explored how an overarching vision for the Island might guide and inform ongoing community-led activities.

As part of the research, a number of local learning and outcome stories were written to capture and communicate some key moments on Rakiura’s community-led journey. While many projects and people have now changed, the approaches and learning demonstrated remains inspirational.