What We Are Learning about CLD

What We Are Learning 2010 is Inspiring Communities’ inaugural learning publication, offering  practical tips, lessons and examples on four key aspects of community-led development.

What we are Learning 2010

Here’s our story of what we learnt producing this publication

Some Comments about What We Are Learning 2010

“This report is a gift to every trust and foundation wanting to understand community- led development, and to be more strategic in how to invest philanthropic dollars to strengthen communities… What We Are Learning is timely and rich in what it offers – a wealth of ideas, facts and stories to illustrate why and how people can work together to advance their communities”

Genevieve Timmons, Philanthropic Executive and Consultant in Philanthropy (Australia)

“A must for anyone intending to work in community development and any public institution that wishes to change the paradigms by which it works…

 Michael Reid, Local Government NZ

“…an extremely valuable record of the development process, articulating the principles and values on which community led development is based. In this respect it is a very authentic publication that is capable of playing an important role in community development education and practice.”

Ian Shirley, Auckland University of Technology