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“Inspiring Communities plays a much needed role in community-led development training … and has been a strong pioneer in this field.” – Auckland North Community and Development (ANCAD)

Community Coaching

Community coaching gives you the space to unpack your community-led approaches. Understand what’s working, what’s not – figure out why and what happens next.

We will match you with a community coach that will:

  • help you understand the principles of community-led development and how to apply them in your work
  • tap into the right tools and resources to assist your community-led practice
  • provide insight to notice changes, impacts and learning that will feed into better outcomes from your work.
  • Individual coaching – one on one time to work through your practice and your results
  • Team coaching –  for community development teams working in central, local government or community agencies
  • Group coaching – For CLD practitioners working in the same region but with different organisations or initiatives

Our Community Client Case Studies


Inspiring Communities was contracted by the Mangakino Community Led leadership group to “walk alongside” MCLD Leadership Group to support our understanding and practice of Community-Led Development approaches, as we developed our planning and implementation of initiatives and projects.  They provided help to us in a number of areas, but the two key ones were:  

Firstly, in terms of Leadership Group meetings, Inspiring Communities’ Barbara MacLennan assisted us to weave the CLD concepts through all of the work that we did.  As the CLD concept was quite new to us it was very beneficial to have Barbara working with us to help cement the CLD way of working. In the early stages of our development, Barbara also provided regular reflective exercises.  This helped us look at how we were working both together as a LG and with community and make changes and improvements as a result.

Secondly, Barbara provided regular coaching and mentoring of our LG contractors to support their development and the use of CLD practice in the work that they did.   Again this was extremely beneficial for their professional development, as Barbara was able to share the extensive examples of CLD experiences both from the wider community work of the Inspiring Communities team work and CLD nationally. 

Tina Jakes, Chair MCLD Leadership Group

Facilitating Community Planning –  Vision Motueka

Inspiring Communities worked alongside Vision Motueka to enable a creative cross community conversation about youth employment issues and what new locally-led solutions could be developed.

After co-designing an interactive workshop programme with the Vision Motueka team, Inspiring Communities’ team member Megan Courtney facilitated a workshop which provided space for discussion, brainstorming, innovation and mandating a way forward.

As part of the session, Megan shared examples of other Kiwi communities taking a community-led approach to youth employment and training and outlined what a community-led approach entails. This acted as a catalyst and reminder of what can happen when all parts of the community come together to make a difference for and with young people.

Writing a report based on the conversations and action points from the workshop was also part of what we delivered. Being able to tell and share the story of what’s proposed and what was talked about matters. Not everything happens at once and having a good record of key workshop events provides a way for new people and agencies to understand the journey so far and what’s planned next.

Linda Glew – Vision Motueka Development Trust says:

As the facilitator of our youth employment and skills training project, with experience in community-led development, I felt held by the expertise, timely invitational questions and the efficient preparation undertaken by Megan from Inspiring Communities (I.C.).

Megan’s respectful curiosity and open communication supported our robust conversations, gave us reassurance about trusting the process when things felt too big, and in the reporting back gave us a number of clear forward steps. 

I hold I.C. In high regard for the complex work they undertake with communities to enable each respective community’s achievements, resilience and wellbeing.”