For Public sector

To deepen the practice of community-led development we tailor support packages based on your needs, such as trainings, mentoring and workshops. Below are some of the services we offer aimed for the public sector.

  • Skills-focussed half day, full day and multi day workshops
  • Bespoke guides, policy reviews and reports that draw on our written resources and practical experience in communities.
  • Mentoring and coaching
  • Co-creating in-house CLD capacity-building programmes with large organisations 

We have developed core competencies based on our research and our vast knowledge of CLD practice.

Here’s some of these competencies, which can be clustered as required, or taught in modules:

  • Working together in communities
  • Facilitating groups and inquiry
  • Building community and catalysing locally-led action
  • Noticing change and understanding contribution and impact from CLD efforts
  • Growing collaborative leadership in communities

If these services interest you and you would like to have a taster, come along to one of our events, or if there is something in particular that you’re looking for, please contact us.

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Client case study

DIA Community Operations Team

Strengthening and embedding a culture of Community-led Development (CLD) practice into the Department of Internal Affairs was the aim of our multi-year training programme.

We worked with the Department of Internal Affairs Community Operations team to co-design and successfully deliver the (CLD) programme for around 100 staff and managers across New Zealand.

We delivered topic based CLD skills workshops with different site teams. The workshops were interactive and followed up with peer mentoring, webinars, online learning tools, team and individual reflective practice exercises linked to individual goals. The creation of peer learning communities helped in supporting teams to implement CLD approaches in their work.

The co-design process harnessed the competencies and engagement of the DIA team supported by Inspiring Communities’ tools and expertise. The outcome was a participatory practice-based approach.

Our involvement with the DIA supported significant changes in the confidence and capacity of Community Operations staff members.

The result was an overall support of community– led approaches in their work, both locally and within the DIA – evaluations showed a high level of satisfaction in the processes and learning.

There’s been a sea-change!  At first I couldn’t work out how to apply CLD to my work, but with the visible shift in behaviour of managers and staff at all levels, I can really see how the CLD principles apply to everything we do now.  Because it’s about valuing and empowering people, whether we’re working with a customer, an organisation, a hapū, a geographic community, or even our own colleagues.” DIA advisor