What We Offer

Inspiring Communities are a team of specialists and the main reference point for community-led development (CLD) in New Zealand. We use our experience and expertise in CLD approaches to create sustainable, and locally led change.

We operate across many sectors and at multiple levels; community, neighbourhood, NGOs and government. We have a wealth of expertise in local, international and practice based evidence. Our aim is to embed the process of CLD as it accelerates systemic change and helps to cultivate thriving communities within Aotearoa.

We offer advisory services, events, workshops, coaching and resources based on our team of skilled practitioners and their unique knowledge of CLD practice.

Advisory Services

At Inspiring Communities, we capture and share our expertise on CLD amongst a nationwide network of practitioners. We provide a number of pivotal services and products such as training, community coaching, custom consulting, mentoring and specialised workshops. We can tailor these services to your own needs.

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Inspiring Communities runs many interactive events each year across Aotearoa New Zealand. We bring speakers in from across the world and into your place. The events challenge, engage and inspire people working in and around communities.

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Resources to share

We exist to strengthen communities through growing the knowledge and practice of CLD approaches. We invite you to collect and use our resources. Feel free to use them within your work, in your communities and across your public sector.

Our resources