Workshop: Connections + Collaboration

Connections and Collaboration workshop, Gore 2019

Connections + Collaborations Workshop – Whakatāne, June 2019

A community thrives when locals connect and collaborate to realise the potential of their place. Community-led development enables people to find, make and maintain relationships across diverse groups and sectors. Effective community engagement is more than consultation. It requires the vital elements of trust, observation, analysis and an ability to co-create vision and plan for change.

Facilitated by Kindra Douglas, this workshop will help you:

  • Assess your community relationships
  • Identify new allies, connections and influencers
  • Apply tools to build and sustain stakeholder


  • Establish steps to map and tap into the strengths of

    your wider community

  • Expand your capacity to hold and maintain diverse


A big thank you to Bay Trust and Whakatāne District Council for supporting this workshop.

For more information including how to register, read more here.