August – September 2021 Newsletter

Our August – September Newsletter is ready to read!

Catch up on all the incredible mahi and stories that have been taking place around the motu in the last couple of months:

  • Get to know the vibrant community of Avondale and the ways in which they celebrate their people, place and stories.
  • Watch the recording of our latest webinar: Stories of Change and Success or download our latest guide that identifies how you can better involve community when shaping policies and services.
  • Read a report from IPANZ that outlines a more relational model of public service: The Social State – From Transactional to Relational Public Service.
  • Get in the know for our next Community Building Block: Leaderful Communities – Coming your way on the 16th of September.
  • Listen to a recent community hui on the topic of Funding for Equity – Funding for Change.

Plus plenty more! Read the latest newsletter here.

June – July 2021 Newsletter

Our June – July 2021 Newsletter is ready and waiting for you!

Here is what we have been immersing ourselves in over the past couple of months and what you can involve yourself in too:

  • Read about the incredible mahi happening from a decommissioned cheese factory in Waimamaku.
  • Our Resource Hub is a great place for those wanting to get involved with community voices, create authentic engagement and form better relationships while increasing trust in our system of governement.
  • Learn about Hui E!’s grant writing support.
  • Download ‘Bringing ‘Equity to Implementation’ – an invaluable resource that illustrates core elements of equitable implementation.

And so much more! Read our latest newsletter here.