Bees, sunflowers and Great Start’s Bright Spot campaign

In Taita, children have been growing community along with sunflowers.
Having fun can be a great way of learning. Not only that but it can also be a really effective way to build connections to the environment and people around us. In Taita, children have been having fun planting sunflowers in less than beautiful spaces – on verges, along fences and in parks as well as back and front yards. Not surprisingly the sunflowers have been noticed by many people. So while the children have been learning a lot about how sunflowers grow, the importance of bees and what they can do to protect bee populations, they have also been learning how they can use sunflowers to help not only bees but also their community through ‘the Bright Spot’ campaign.

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Getting Started: Being of Service in Taita

Being of service in Taita

Providing services can be quite different to being ‘of’ service.

Great Start Taita has found that communities have a lot of skills as well as aspirations and needs. Often they want to put these skills to use with the organisations that work in their area rather than be clients of those organisations. This is the philosophy that underpins Great Start.

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