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Good Cents

The idea behind Good Cents

Born in the community of Cannons Creek Porirua, where debt and high interest loans are common, the community sought to create a space for people to  change their financial situation in a way that is self directed, that helps to break down the barriers of isolation, and the sense of being a victim.

Key Learnings:

  • Leadership qualities can be found in many different situations and frequently where we would not think to look.
  • People know and observe when they are being given an opportunity for their own empowerment and control.  When they see this happening they take ownership.
  • There is real strength is sharing common experience with others. It grows confidence and a sense of hopefulness.  There is something about the power of being understood by another that frees a person to create something new.
  • Creating change in a context of relationship enables learning from hardship and unexpected difficulties that would not be possible in isolation.  People are a harsher judge of themselves than others are and encouragement is needed to move forward.

Key Contact:

Matt Crawshaw, Wesley Community Action Porirua, Email.
Ph 04 237 7923


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