Locally-led Matters – Harnessing the power of collaborative local leadership Webinar

Alongside iwi, both local and central government are key partners in locally-led change. So too are local citizens and communities.

How Communities Awaken Story

How Communities Awaken is a series of essays written by vivian Hutchinson from Taranaki. Here we share the essays, alongside some insights and perspectives from Inspiring Communities team members.

February Training & Events 2022

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Our panel of speakers Training

Embracing Te Tiriti, Fostering Community Webinar.
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Embracing Te Tiriti, Fostering Community Webinar

In our first webinar of the year, we address the strengths of community-led development (CLD) and honouring Te Tiriti and Mātauranga Māori. How the strands that each hold are sometimes weaved together while at other times they can sit in parallel or alongside in place.

Embracing Te Tiriti O Waitangi, Fostering Community. Resource

There is a movement towards embracing Mātauranga Māori and understanding Te Tiriti o Waitangi.
CLD can embellish this movement in Aotearoa New Zealand.
Inspiring Communities’ David Hanna, and Pam Armstrong from Whananaki look at how we can deepen our understanding and give examples of what this looks like in practice.