December 2021

December 2021 In this newsletter, we wrap up the highlights of the year for you to enjoy.

Fostering Active Citizenship — Learning from Taranaki Story

Active Citizenship is term we’re hearing more about and it’s a key foundation of effective community-led development. But what does it really mean and how do you grow it? We spoke with community innovators in Taranaki to hear about their journey.

Shaping the Future Webinar

This webinar features the findings of our ‘Shaping the Future’ report and highlights what systems changes would help to contribute to a thriving Aotearoa

Little Engines that Can Webinar

In this webinar, we look at ways that can help communities to come together over shared visions and agendas.

From Response to Recovery Webinar

In this webinar, we hear from systems change and social innovation pioneers.

Community Innovation Insights during COVID-19 Webinar

This webinar explores how we can adapt and collaborate as the world and communities change through COVID-19.

Connecting up Government – Building Local – Predator Free NZ Webinar

System-shifting and new ways to think about governance feature in this webinar.

Power and Participation Webinar

We look at power and participation in this webinar and the issues that can come with them.

Strengthening Our Villages Webinar

We look at ways that community-led action can help enable ‘child rich’ communities.