Meet our facilitators Training

Our next Community Building Block – Leaderful Communities will focus on how to grow collaborative leadership. See here for our facilitator lineup.

Collaborative Governance and Leadership Workshop Training

Governing collaborative efforts is challenging. New ways of engaging, organising, leading and decision making are now required. This workshop will dive into both the governance and leadership components needed to support collaborative processes and collective intents, using best practices from Collective Impact and Community-led Development approaches.

Our panel of speakers – Stories of Change + Success Training

Our Co-Matters Community Innovation webinar series presents ‘Stories of change and success’. See here for our speaker line up.

I Love Avondale – A story of community spirit Story

Avondale is one of the most culturally rich suburbs in Auckland. A diverse community with many different ethnicities, cultures, values and stories to share.

Thriving in the unlikeliest of locations: Waimamaku’s Story Story

In a remote Northland community, an hour’s drive west of Kaikohe, the Waimamaku Resource Centre thrives in the unlikeliest of locations.

An old cheese fridge, part of a cheese factory that used to employ a large portion of the community, is now the central hub where a small group of committed members deliver a range of services for the wider community.

Making Sense of Community-led Change – Auckland – (FULL) Workshop

Community-led Development (CLD) and Developmental Evaluation (DE) are recognised as key approaches for achieving positive local change and showing how smaller actions can generate a larger ripple effect. Demonstrating effective progress and outcomes can be challenging in dynamic, adaptive environments, but it’s not impossible!

Shaping The Future

The COVID-19 pandemic is an extraordinary challenge that has required extraordinary solutions. Harvesting and documenting the extraordinary, to distil what we now know is possible, lies at the heart of this report.

Facilitating Community-led Change – Bay of Plenty (WAITLIST) Workshop

This workshop will focus on useful approaches, processes and ideas for bringing – and keeping – groups and teams together, while having FUN and creating conversations that really matter.