Waitaha Regional CLD Training

Inspiring Communities is pleased to support the development of a Community-Led development network in Waitaha/Canterbury.

Tāmaki Makaurau Skills Series Training

A series of Community-led Development online learning opportunities

Tāmaki Makaurau CLD Boost Training

Facilitated online by one of Inspiring Communities’ team, we explore a community-focused way of working collaboratively and build on the foundations of community-led action to strengthen resilience and create positive changes in your community that will last.

Tatau Pounamu Collective Story

This collective of community stakeholders is activating a vision for the future of East Rotorua in community, child and rangatahi-led ways.

Training and Events June 2022

June 2022 -Read about our upcoming FREE offerings to further develop your CLD mahi.

Collective Change Kōrero 2 Resource

A reflection on the second Collective Change Kōrero – What’s emerging?

Thought Leadership June 2022

Read about the key role of Field Catalysts in this blog from Megan Courtney, dip into another chapter of How Communities Awaken, and learn more about BANI vs. VUCA, where Stephan Grabmeier proposes a new approach for reflecting on our changing world.

Field Catalyst Thinking Resource

The role of intermediary organisations in place-based social change

Field Catalyst Thinking Story

The role of intermediary organisatons in place-based social change

Our panel of speakers – Locally-led Matters Training

Locally-led Matters –
Alongside iwi, both local and central government are key partners in locally-led change. So too are local citizens and communities. Read about our speakers here.