It takes a neighbourhood to find a cat Story

Our ability to operate under conditions of stress has been severely tested of late. The flooding on the North Island, in particular in the Auckland region, has spotlighted the need for us to rely on each other. We have witnessed neighbours and communities coming together to distribute resources and support.

Yes We Can. Fund effectively, Change will happen Webinar

Well-constructed, high trust funding systems have the power to create change and equity.
What does it look like then when we fund effectively, what happens and what results do we get?

Ngā mihi o te Kirihimete me te Tau Hou

What a complex yet wonderful year it has been! This year, Inspiring Communities has hosted or presented at over 70 events, we’ve had close to 3000 people participate in our events, training and mentoring sessions, and our team have participated in 250 meetings and collaborations – all to awhi, grow and deepen Community-led development (CLD) in Aotearoa.

Collective Change Kōrero 3 – a collective pathway Resource

November 15th 2022 was the third time our collective change Kōrero group came together. It was another excellent session, this time focussing on looking forward.

IACD World Conference Darwin June 2022

World Community Development Conference – Darwin, June 2023.

“From the Edge” is a rare and unique opportunity for Aotearoa New Zealand and Pacific practitioners, participants, academics, policy makers, and funders to share perspectives with global colleagues – especially on current contexts, challenges and successes for community-led development.

Rhetoric versus Reality Story

Inspiring Communities thinks it’s time to check community-led rhetoric with reality. New Zealand’s stable democracy, growing Māori economy and contributions, and relatively small size provides an ideal platform to model new Government systems. Success requires new levels of collective effort facilitated by widening conversations.

Centrally-enabled, Locally-led reports and resources

We’ve compiled some additional reports, webinars and reading for you to take a deeper dive into some background actions on this topic that inform how we look forward. Our thanks and appreciation to all those from across the Motu who have contributed to the below resources.