Tensions, Learning and Adaptation Resource

There will always be times when uncomfortable tensions arise. Leaders need the courage to challenge unacceptable behaviour and acknowledge their own weaknesses too.

How to organise a community planning hui Resource

This tip sheet will guide you through how to publicise your event, how to establish your core key messages, how to capture meaningful feedback and much more.

Making Sense of Community-Led Change – Christchurch Workshop

Making sense of Community-led Change – Christchurch, August 2019. Co-hosted with Developmental Evaluation Institute and supported by Rata Foundation.

Working with Tāngata Whenua Resource

Relationship building between tāngata whenua and tāngata Tiriti communities is a core component of CLD in Aotearoa.

Leadership as Learning Framework Resource

Leadership as Learning – a framework that will help guide you through the destructive and constructive responses that shape our own leadership style, and allow us to further develop it.

Stakeholder mapping Resource

Stakeholder mapping is the collaborative process of identifying a list of key people within your community (and beyond if necessary) and organising them into groups. The below information will help you identify these key people, what impact they’re likely to have on your project, and some suggestions of how to engage with them.

The Working Together Continuum Resource

With many stakeholders in a Community-led Development approach, working together is naturally going to take shape differently depending on who’s involved, at what levels, and at what stages. This guide will help you determine where you are on the Working Together Continuum and what tools you can utilise to make each working relationship a success.

Questioning our Leadership Assumptions Resource

Our thoughts and observations around building leadership capability within your communities and how to work toward a ‘leaderful’ community, where people keep moving between different leadership roles.

From service delivery to being of service in place Resource

Primary health, social and education services are the focus for Tipu Ora in Rotorua.