Training and events are fantastic! Not only are they inspiring to attend, but they are a way of sharing, collaborating and tapping into each other’s knowledge and different ways of thinking. If we want communities to thrive we must work collaboratively and this is best achieved by sharing our wisdom with others.

Inspiring Communities runs many training events across Aotearoa every year. We bring speakers from across the world and from within Aotearoa to your place. We run workshops, training days, boost camps and we work alongside communities, agencies, academics and organisations co-hosting conferences, seminars, master classes – in fact anything that strengthens community-led development in New Zealand.

Activating Community

Communities can do amazing things! This adaptable workshop can be tweaked to work in your place. It will help your community to achieve sustainable change.

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Workshop Series

CLD Skills workshops. We offer three 1-day workshops aimed at building on your locally led skills.

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Ready Set Go

An Introduction to Community-led Development.

Using real life examples, this bespoke learning opportunity is for people who would like to get a sound understanding of CLD and how to work this way. It can be run as a two day workshop or as weekly sessions.

If you’re interested in co-hosting Ready Set Go! Workshop or another bespoke learning and development opportunity get in touch!