Sharing what you find on this website

Am I allowed to share and adapt what I find on this website?

Yes, please do! But read on to find out how to do this respectfully.

This is the internet and there is a lot of “sharing” going on. Sometimes it’s hard to know what the rules are. This page will help you show love for those who did the work in a way that honours both the work and the people involved. When you go back to the source it’s easier to stay true to the kaupapa!

How do I give credit where credit is due?

There is a fantastic copyright system called Creative Commons that encourages sharing and learning while making sure that the right people are acknowledged for their work.

One of the ways that we are working to share and give credit is to use the Creative Commons licences that exist specifically to enhance sharing and to respect people’s work.

What Creative Commons licenses is IC using?


You can remix, tweak and get creative but please give credit to the source and keep new works non-commercial. This licence also means new work must be ‘share alike’ so others can remix and tweak it.


You can share but we don’t want you to change and alter these things. However if you do want to do something different with our work here get in touch directly. We want to stay true to the kaupapa.

What content is A-NC-ND and why?

  • CLD principles
  • Theory of change
  • Eco-cycle
  • Quadrants of change
  • Capability framework

We want you to use this content but we specifically don’t want you to change it without asking.

We can only licence you to share and re-use content that we have developed and Inspiring Communities is very grateful to be able to host, share and acknowledge content from many other places and sources.

How do I attribute something that is not Inspiring Communities’ work that I found on this website?

  • Linking back to the original source is always appreciated by the creator – a simple hyperlink to their website or Wikipedia page works well
  • You should always ask the person who made the content how to acknowledge their content (but attributing as much information as you have is a good start). Inspiring Communities will make sure we have included as much information as we can about the creators. You can just do the same!

Ultimately we want you to share and use what we have created together. If you are unsure about anything, please get in touch so we can help you share and acknowledge the mahi. Email us at

If you think that we’ve got anything wrong with who we are attributing work to, please get in touch. We’re learning too and we welcome your input.