Kerry Jenner

Kerry has an extensive background in education, underpinned by her desire to see greater inclusion, more voices given credibility, and greater equality, all leading to changes that make learning accessible for all. She is especially interested in supporting adults to engage in further learning.

Her work is values based, from a strong social justice agenda. Within education, Kerry’s work spans leadership across the compulsory sector education, and includes professional development for adults. She has a strong interest in conflict resolution, and the development of customised restorative practice.

Kerry is also a narratively-based, registered counsellor, committed to working with people to access their own stories of strength. This philosophical position is similarly applied to her group work and facilitation. Facilitation skills and evaluation skills are connected to develop potential with the teams and communities in which she is engaged.

She enjoys moving from big picture strategy, to detailed analysis and critique in order to support others to reach their goals.

You can contact Kerry at