grassroot leaders at IC's inaugural Boost camp

As the backbone for community-led Development in Aotearoa New Zealand, we provide a number of pivotal services and products that help accelerate change and deepen knowledge.

We are the reference point for community-led development in Aotearoa. We collect and share research, growing a pool of evidence of what works as well as advocate for CLD to be more widely adopted.

Here’s a snapshot of what we’ve offered recently:

  • Neighbourhood Boost Camp – an intensive leadership development and learning weekend for grass-roots leaders.
  • We co-hosted the national Our Place Conference with Inclusive NZ and Be.Accessible.
  • We’ve shared our insights at a number of events including; the NZ Community Boards Conference, Treasury hosted Inclusive Economy workshop, and the Civics and Media Project.
  • We co-hosted a Provocative Breakfast – How can Auckland do density well?
  • We wrote a chapter on CLD for an upcoming book being published by the Auckland District Council of Social Services.

Harder to quantify,  but vitally important is the social brokering we have undertaken between local and central government officials and community organisations, supporting them to improve their effectiveness and to work in new ways.

We operate beyond sectors at multiple levels – individuals, families, streets, communities, and nationally, linking government agencies, businesses and community organisations. We exist to support them to find locally-led solutions for sustainable change.

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