In order to deepen the practice of community-led development we tailor training resources and packages.

These include:

  • Skills-focussed half day, full day and multiday workshops for resident leaders and practitioners, policy-makers as well local government personnel
  •  Bespoke information that draws on our written resources and experience
  •  Mentoring and coaching practitioners as they deepen their CLD practice
  • Co-creating in-house capacity-building programmes with large organisations.

In one such example we have developed a multi-year learning and development programme with the Department of Internal Affairs. We are training 100 of their regional managers and advisors to embed a consistent approach and quality of service throughout Aotearoa.

Fundamental to CLD is emerging practice – a commitment to continuous learning and reflection is imperative for working in complex community contexts. So our training is wrapped around peer mentoring. We have developed a set of core competencies based on our research and our vast knowledge of cutting edge CLD practice. The competencies are taught in modules which include:

  • CLD Overview, Peer mentoring skills and toolbox
  • Facilitating groups and inquiry
  • Supporting resident-led development
  • Noticing and learning impact and change
  • Practicing cross-sectorial collaboration
  • Leadership and governance in communities
  • Practioner project: integrating knowledge and our practice

These modules are taught over two years – the third year focusses on leadership; passing on what has been learnt so that CLD practice extends and communities are empowered to create solutions that are right for them.


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