At Inspiring Communities, we offer tailored consulting services for your field, whether you’re a community member, working in the public sector or an independent. We understand that different groups and organisations require different approaches, so we offer bespoke solutions. We can work with you to enable CLD approaches that create positive outcomes.

For the public sector

Inspiring Communities has worked alongside a variety of central and local agencies, including the Department of Internal Affairs, Sport New Zealand and the Auckland City Council. We use all manner of tools to support effective CLD practice. We run training programmes and workshops and we mentor and work closely with agencies to support CLD approaches within your work. We understand diversity. We can tailor support to meet your needs. We can help you.

For community organisations

Inspiring Communities works with many diverse community organisations and community-led initiatives. We have worked in the areas of sport, disaster management, refugee resettlement and youth employment, amongst others. We’ve worked closely with the NZ Red Cross, Mangakino Community-led Development Project, Te Ora Hou Whanganui, Fab Feathy CLD Group and the Todd Foundation. We assist organisations with CLD planning support, facilitation, leadership development, mentoring and advice and CLD training opportunities.

If you have any specific questions and you’d like to talk to us directly, email us here.