From Complexity to Collaboration: a new paper


Donna Provoost, Chair of the Inspiring Communities Board

Using a community-led development lens, this paper discusses public policy and implementation for complex problems such as child poverty. It brings in the principles of CLD as it asks government to act differently and to recognise the value of local wisdom when working with those most affected by social, economic and environmental issues.

Ideas from Inspiring Communities (Donna Provoost is our Chair), Whānau Ora, Vibrant Communities Canada, the Scottish Community Development Centre and more are included.

From Complexity to Collaboration: Creating the New Zealand we want for ourselves, and enabling future generations to do the same for themselves A provocation for policy process change by Elizabeth Eppel, Girol Karacaoglu1 and Donna Provoost, Wellington: School of Government, Victoria University of Wellington.

Read the full paper here: Complexity to collaboration.


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