Wednesday 19th October 10am – 11 am Online Webinar

Tino rangatiratanga means hapū and iwi take a leading role. There are other emerging key ingredients that are enabling collaborative system stewardship and transformation at both local and national levels. We know that when those tasked with making change draw on the assets and strengths already in local places, including strong leadership, trusted relationships and diverse connections, the responses are incredibly successful. United by a common purpose, local places can organise solutions that enable an effective whole of systems response.
There’s growing respect for – and confidence within – local communities, hapū and iwi, who’ve shown how effectively they partner in social, environmental, and economic change. Embedding these ways of working into ‘business as usual’ will result in more effective responses to ongoing challenges.

We will look back to move forward in this webinar. By discussing how Māori customary tikanga and privilege can be recognised and not confined to the marae or alienated from the activities of everyday life and the highly relevant lessons learned over the past two years and articulated in Shaping the Future.

We’ll explore what – but more importantly how – to shift from the rhetoric of engaging with communities and Māori to applying an indigenous lens and community-led focus. We’ll discuss insight and tools, as well as look further afield to the learning and mahi in Australia and beyond.

Hosted by Christina Howard, and featuring Megan Courtney from Inspiring Communities, Anna Powell from Collaboration for Impact and Victor Walker, Te Aitanga-a-Hauiti. Our awesome panellists are each going to share their two ingredients to kickstart the Kōrero.