Inspiring communities is an organisation that catalyses locally-led change. Because this achieves sustainable, effective outcomes.

We are a team of specialists in community-led development. We use our experience and expertise to mentor, broker, train and connect communities to become even better places to live, work and invest in.

Inspiring Communities is a backbone organisation, we operate across many sectors at multiple levels. We are the reference point for community-led development in New Zealand, building on international and local practice-based evidence to grow and share expertise.


Hosting Community – Wellington

A great opportunity to learn more about the art of hosting. This workshop will explore how to support locals to participate through co-design, innovation & collaboration. Join us and Dee Brooks in Wellington and Auckland.

Croissants and Community

We’re launching new workshops for public sector officials. Engaging with communities is a pivotal but often misunderstood element that requires working differently,. These workshops will look at how to achieve sustainable local change.

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March 2017 Newsletter – locally-led solutions

Responding to the call for locally-led solutions, a blog from our Chair, a feature on a rugby league club that has teamed up with It’s not ok, tell you how we can help and lots more..

My Inspiring Community – Randwick Park

Congratulations Randwick Park – 2017 Community of the Year! In a video story Maree Beaven recently talked to us about how they created change in their place.

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I’ve been thinking…

One of our IC team members was asked recently if there would be time at our Activate event to talk with communities about what kind of information government agencies could give them that would be useful the answer of course is yes!

I’ve Been Thinking …

I see a growing movement of community-led development across the globe but, in many respects, New Zealand is paving the way. There are stunning examples of community-led initiatives. But there is the opportunity for so much more. What could be done to take New Zealand to the next level?

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