Inspiring Communities is an organisation that catalyses locally-led change. Because this achieves sustainable, effective outcomes.

We are a team of specialists in community-led development. We use our experience and expertise to mentor, broker, train and connect communities to become even better places to live, work and invest in.

Inspiring Communities is a backbone organisation: we operate across many sectors at multiple levels. We are the reference point for community-led development in New Zealand, building on international and local practice-based evidence to grow and share expertise.


Ready, set go! workshop

Inspiring Communities and ANCAD are co-hosting the Ready, Set, Go! workshop on 15th May. This is an introduction to CLD for people with ideas and projects that will make their place an even better place.

2018 CLD Skills Workshops

We’re working with Exult, to bring you these workshops: Facilitating Community-led Change; Leading in Communities and Connections & Collaboration.

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Our April newsletter

This year we celebrate our ten year anniversary! In celebration, we will be publishing a series of resources that reflect on our work, celebrate how far we have come and look to the future. The first piece is a resource to help with reflection, planning, recruitment and capacity building for your organisation or initiative.

The Capability Framework

Whatever our community-led development focus or role is, it’s HOW we work that matters most. Over the last decade IC has been learning about what effective practice looks like and the kinds of skills and capabilities required to do this work well.

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  • Whangaroa Community Playground
    January 31, 2018
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From the blog

I’ve been thinking….

Many years ago, when I was frustrated with how ABCD could be applied in transient communities, ….I met Mike. He explained to me that leading by stepping back is not leading from an organisational perspective, it’s not pushing community-led work from behind but, it’s still more than ‘walking beside’ community members; it’s a container, it’s a safety net, it’s a dance!

I’ve been thinking…

All evaluation is cultural – whether it be ethnic, sectoral or geographic — and each has a different of knowing, different ways of gathering and making sense of information. Evaluations are always stronger if they include multiple cultural lenses – they reveal different things.

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