Inspiring communities is an organisation that catalyses locally-led change. Because this achieves sustainable, effective outcomes.


We are a team of specialists in community-led development. We use our experience and expertise to mentor, broker, train and connect communities to become even better places to live, work and invest in.

Inspiring Communities is a backbone organisation, we operate across many sectors at multiple levels. We are the reference point for community-led development in New Zealand, building on international and local practice-based evidence to grow and share expertise.

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Kindra Douglas

I’ve been thinking..

Some days the work does generate the feelings “how do we keep going, when it feels we are swimming against the tide with funding”, and “are we really making any difference?” So what has and does sustain our organisation?

barbara image (100x150)

I’ve been thinking…

Back in 2011 at Victory Village Forum, I recall hearing local people share their narrative about a thirty year journey to create and nurture a strong sense of community in the suburb of Victory in Nelson.

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