The Waitaha CLD Network was formed to grow and strengthen regional connections for Community-led Development (CLD) practitioners in our region. Through opportunities for networking, peer support, growing CLD skills and knowledge, celebrating successes, resolving challenges and championing CLD approaches we will build this network together. Steve Jones-Poole has been engaged as a Coordinator for the Waitaha CLD Network. He can be contacted for more information by email: WaitahaCLD@inspiringcommunities.org.nz


Our Waitaha CONNECT will bring together small groups of around 6 people working in CLD across our region to create a supportive, peer-mentoring environment. Participants bring what’s alive for them as current joys and challenges of supporting effective CLD practice in their place, gain support and new perspectives from group members, and leave with new insights, inspiration and affirmation to keep going.  

Hosted online by an Inspiring Communities facilitator, four 90-minute sessions spread across 3 months will provide people in the Waitaha CLD network with:

  • A learning ‘ako’ space where everyone is a learner and has insights to share.
  • A culture of ‘manaakitanga’ – a safe space to find support to overcome challenges, nurture your CLD confidence and networks.

When will these groups run?

We have scheduled our first set of four online sessions on Tuesdays from 9.30 – 11 am.

  • 6th September
  • 27th September
  • 18th October
  • 15th November

We ask participants to commit to attending all four sessions if possible. Registrations close on August 22nd, and spaces are limited so please register soon!

If you are keen but the particular dates/times don’t suit you, please still register so we can build a picture of demand, and respond accordingly with additional sessions where possible.

What does it cost?

Total cost for this series of 4 sessions is $95.00 + GST. Please talk with us if funding support may be required.

“I got honest, frank and considered suggestions and guidance as well as a lot of reassurance that gave me the confidence to deal with the many challenges that come with managing community development projects.”

“The fact that you are sharing your challenges and successes helps you put things in perspective. There is a group of ideas that exists outside your own community, and this has become a real encouragement for me.”

Contact person for questions: Steve Jones-Poole, Coordinator, Waitaha CLD Network waitahaCLD@inspiringcommunities.org.nz

Waitaha Hui

This was held in June 2022, with all places filled weeks before the date! Watch the video overview of the day here.

Read the post-event Panui here, and watch this space for more outcomes and a video from the day.

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