Community Building Blocks Inspiring Communities

Our Community Building Blocks are back: your introduction to using Community-led Development tools in your mahi

Facilitated online by one of Inspiring Communities’ team, we’ll explore a community-focused way of working collaboratively and build on the foundations of community-led action to strengthen resilience and create positive changes in your community that will last.

“The time spent together celebrating the good things alongside the hard things, with great facilitation to think wider, can leave a lasting impression about how we support each other on our journeys.”

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What’s in this for me?

Community-led development (CLD) focusses on the diversity of strengths found in every community, to develop strong local leadership and to create working models that are inclusive and adaptable to changing circumstances. Facilitated as a virtual workshop, our Community Building Blocks will connect you with others working in the community space no matter where you are.

What to expect.

Each session will introduce a different CLD tool, and all-together they will provide you with a solid understanding of the community-led way of working: a great introduction to get you started on your CLD journey, or to refresh your previous knowledge and enhance your practice.

What costs are involved?

In 2020, our Community Building Blocks series is completely free of charge.

Community Building Blocks Inspiring Communities

We’ll explore exactly what’s happening in your place, and what relationships you have available to help you work more collaboratively. ~ Kindra Douglas.


More sessions coming soon.

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Community Building Blocks Inspiring Communities

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