Facilitated online by one of Inspiring Communities’ team, we’ll explore a community-focused way of working collaboratively and build on the foundations of community-led action to strengthen resilience and create positive changes in your community that will last.

Upcoming Community Building Block – 11 November

Growing Collaborative Teams and Communities – 11 November 2021: 9:30am-11am

Are you looking for ways to deepen the connections in your team or community, to build trust and to navigate competing needs? This Community Building Block will draw upon the experience and skills of our own Kindra Douglas to explore the possibilities of the SCARF model. The skills and tools shared in this workshop will support you to unleash the potential of collaboration!

Join this last CBB of the year, hosted by our own experienced facilitators, Anna Parker and Kindra Douglas.

Previous Building Block Sessions:

1. Leaderful communities – growing collaborative leadership – 16 September 2021: 9.30am – 11:00am


What does it mean to be a leader? Traditional notions of leadership include the idea that leaders are to know and carry everything on their own. We believe it is time to turn this notion on its head, break down what we know and re-learn leadership from the ground up. This is an important role in our community so it is equally important for us to question the assumptions that we have. This session will focus on tips, tools and insights to support the leader in everyone! Participants will have the opportunity to enrich their own leaderful practise and reflect on what grows a successful collaborative leader.

2. Come Together: Strengthening our communities. 10 June: 9.30am – 11.00am

How do we Engage, Activate, Connect, Mobilise and Celebrate? Do you want to dig deeper into what it takes to bring your community together? This Community Building Blocks session will explore how we can evolve general community engagement into a much richer form of community connectedness. You will learn how to identify and build on the strengths, talents and resources of locals to create thriving, equitable, and sustainable communities – using Asset-Based Community Development approaches (ABCD).

This session will provide you with practical tools and examples to keep your mahi rich and your kete full.

Co-hosted with our awesome Australian Jeder Institute colleagues Dee Brooks and Michelle Dunscombe.

The Jeder Institute creates positive change for individuals and communities, around the world, by bringing people together to realise their full potential, build on their existing networks and community strengths, and to empower individual’s choice and control. We are a strengths-focused organisation with extensive experience in:

  • Delivering asset and strengths-based training and workshops
  • Coordinating plans and supports for people with a disability &/or mental health challenges
  • Providing behaviour intervention support for people with a disability &/or mental health challenges
  • Facilitating conversations and conferences on critical social issues
  • Hosting global networks and partnerships for social change
  • Co-designing virtual conferences, events and initiatives

Source: Jeder Institute

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