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Child Rich Communities

The overarching goal of the Child Rich Communities project is to grow a movement of people who think and work in community-led ways to improve child, family and whānau well-being. Read more in the About section below. Recent activity We’re in the process of finalising plans for 2019 – we hope to build on the activities we… Read more »

June Newsletter – Momentum

Because community-led development is about changing whole systems the work is long term. Just like nature, expect constant change and be prepared to pro-actively adapt. As the Inspiring stories in this newsletter illustrate there is no right place to start. Begin from where you, your organisation or community is and weave CLD principles and practice… Read more »

February Newsletter – Building Connections

Community-led development is all about relationships so building connections is the theme of our first newsletter for 2016. We’re also introducing a new feature: a blog called I’ve Been thinking….. Our team will take turns to share their experience. As promised there is a report on our November Network survey, we highlight some other initiatives we have… Read more »

October Newsletter – Leadership

Effective leadership is pivotal to successful community-led development (CLD) and in our experience it often pops up in the most unlikely places. In this issue we go deeper into  the kinds of leadership that matter, with articles by our valued colleague Margy Jean Malcolm who has studied leadership extensively, we showcase a great new initiative… Read more »

Auckland Newsletter – October 2015

The people who have written articles in this newsletter are all doers, that is true, and they know that whatever they do, it will be more successful on so many levels if they organise it with others and if they pass on their organising and other skills to others too. As it turns out gardening is… Read more »

Inspiring Communities Newsletter June 2015

The Power of the Small Kia ora! Think Big – now there is term that conjures up a myriad of contrasts from the Muldoon era to Sex and the City. In amongst those contrasts community-led development lies, thinking big more often than not is seeded in something small that starts to create change. Locally- led… Read more »

Auckland Inspiring Community News – May 2015

This month we feature stories on people who have stepped up and put themselves out there for the things they believe in. They do what needs to be done in the company of others ensuring it is more likely to succeed – and it adds to the enjoyment. Read what they say about upcycling tyres… Read more »

Inspring Communities Newsletter #46 – March 2015

In this issue, we share three diverse examples of creatively engaging communities to encourage and inspire local voice, participation and contribution.      

Inspiring Communities Newsletter #44 – December 2014

To cap off a busy year, our December newsletter tells how two West Coast communities, Ross and Kumara, are mining community gold, together. There are also reviews of recent seminars by Margaret Wheatley and Jim Diers