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Auckland IC Newsletter July 2014

This Carl Sandburgh quote, painted by Peter Tunney in 2005, is the inspiration for this newsletter. Winter is a great time for reflecting on what’s working well and thinking about where there might be opportunities for change and action.

Auckland May 2014 Auckland Newsletter

We have had a really enjoyable start to the year with some fantastic locally-grown events such as the Crowd-Grown Feast, Weed-dating, Neighbours Day and many more. It seems that the city is full of innovative and creative locally-led enterprise and so this newsletter celebrates a few of those. May 2014 Auckland Newsletter

March 2014 Auckland Newsletter

Already there is a huge amount going with regard to locally led change and it is really fascinating to see just how much working in this way is about different strokes for different folks. So this issue celebrates some of the many different ways people are creating connecting spaces. Two of the articles are very… Read more »

Inspiring Communities Newsletter 37 – July 2013

Over time, our national participation rates in elections are declining, with under 50% of eligible citizens bothering to exercise this most basic right of citizenship in the 2010 local body elections.