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March 2017 Newsletter – locally-led solutions

Locally-led solutions is certainly a common theme presently, as agencies and... more

My Inspiring Community – Randwick Park

  They began asking locals what would improve their place ... a few... more

2016 snapshot

We've produced an illustrated reflection of 2016. Small and beautifully... more

November 2016 Newsletter – Being Prepared

It's been a busy few months. Planning is now well underway for Activate - a... more

August 2016 Newsletter – Starting Local

We’ve had a spruce-up!  We hope this makes it easier for you to navigate all... more

Child Rich Communities Report

Check out our recently released Child Rich Communities Report we commissioned... more

June Newsletter – Momentum

Because community-led development is about changing whole systems the work is... more

February Newsletter – Building Connections

Community-led development is all about relationships so building connections is... more

October Newsletter – Leadership

Effective leadership is pivotal to successful community-led development (CLD)... more

Auckland Newsletter – October 2015

The people who have written articles in this newsletter are all doers, that is... more

Auckland Inspiring Community News – May 2015

This month we feature stories on people who have stepped up and put themselves... more

Inspring Communities Newsletter #46 – March 2015

In this issue, we share three diverse examples of creatively engaging... more

Inspiring Communities Newsletter #44 – December 2014

To cap off a busy year, our December newsletter tells how two West Coast... more

Inspiring Communities Newsletter #43 – November 2014

News items including; The Z Nail Gang; Neighbourly; Finding hidden treasures in... more

Inspiring Communities Newsletter #42 October 2014

The role of local communities in co-creating positive wellbeing is a powerful... more

Inspiring Communities Newsletter #41 July 2014

With the mid-winter Matariki stars now above us, many Kiwi communities are... more

Auckland IC Newsletter July 2014

This Carl Sandburgh quote, painted by Peter Tunney in 2005, is the inspiration... more

Auckland May 2014 Auckland Newsletter

We have had a really enjoyable start to the year with some fantastic... more

March 2014 Auckland Newsletter

Already there is a huge amount going with regard to locally led change and it... more

Inspiring Communities Newsletter 38 – September 2013

As we focus on our country’s determined participation in the America’s Cup,... more

Inspiring Communities Newsletter 37 – July 2013

Over time, our national participation rates in elections are declining, with... more

Inspiring Communities Newsletter 36 – May 2013

Our Newsletter this month celebrates the growing community-led development... more