5.0 Learn by doing

Learning by doing in CLD is about an ongoing adaptive cycle of regular planning, action, reflection and learning. Making time to pause and reflect together helps us build shared leadership, celebrate achievements, get new insights about how and what we are doing, plan next action steps and improve our mahi. Learning together can grow into more structured evaluation – both help us tell our story to others we want to influence in ways they can hear and value.

Start from where you are and consider these key questions when making time to pause and reflect together.

Why do we want to learn, reflect on and assess our work?

Identify your ‘why’, ‘what purpose?’, ‘who will use it?’. So what do we need to know?

Set up for success by including learning in everything you do

What questions do users want answered?

How well are we putting CLD principles into practice? Some powerful question prompts

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